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Angels Delight - Natural Dog Tear Stain Remover- medium- 60g


stop press- naturvet tear stain remover available

Please Note that the makers of Angels Delight no longer make Angels Delight Tear Stain Remover. This product is listed for information perposes only

Don't worry though. The natural NaturVet Tear Stain supplements work equally well with the advantage of being more affordable. Great news for larger breeds such as Bulldogs and St Bernards

Angels Eyes is dead- long live Angels Delight.

Err... Actually Angels' Eyes still exists but is no longer legal in the UK because of the active ingredient- Tylosin.

Angels Eyes worked by using an antibiotic (Tylosin) to kill the bacteria in the dog's tears, responsible for the red tear stains.

Our new product approaches the problem from a different angle. We cannot kill the bacteria so we halt the point at which the enzyme responsible for the red yeast bonds with the iron in the tears, et voila, job done.

Angels Delight is crammed full of natural ingredients, often missing from a dog's diet. Not only do we hope that it can it help with the dreaded tear stains but it will also help your dog's general well being. It wasn't initially designed as a tear stain product rather a food supplement that helps with bladder stones, cataracts, patella slipping, arthritis,bowel conditions and skin conditions, it just happened that customers noticed that it also helped remove tear stains in their dogs.

Just like Angels Eyes and Angels Glow you just add Angels' Delight to your dogs food.

Just sit back and wait for the new hair growth to appear it takes approx 5/6 weeks for new hair growth and before you will start seeing results.

Customer feedback suggests that Angels Delight works as well as Angels Eyes did but that it does take a little longer approx 5/6 weeks. Unlike Angels' Eyes it wont help to resolve some of the minor eye infections that dogs get but we hope that by improving your dogs immune system it will reduce the risk of infections in the first place.


Any dog that is known to have liver, thyroid problems should NOT use this at all , it can and will give false positive results and the vet MUST be told when a pet is using this. Dogs with pancreatitis need to be aware that this product contains bonemeal and fatty acids.

We are not responsible for any owner using this product, its a holistic supplement and we cannot guarantee that it will work to remove stains, its a general food supplement for use on dogs and cats. Angels Delight colour may vary due to supply of ingredients.

Safe for pregnant bitches and puppies over 6 weeks old

Key ingredients-

flaxseed oil, bone meal, lecithin, niacin, copper carbonate, silica aerogel, Vitamin A, Processed grain, Biotin, Carotene, Pantothenic acid, Omega 3,6,9, calcium, phosphorus, Lactobilus acidophulus, BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES, RICE BRAN, PRIMARY DRIED YEAST, SUNFLOWER SEED, FREEZE DRIED LIVER, DEHYDRATED ALFALFA, DRIED CARROT, FREEZE DRIED BONE, DRIED FISH MEAL, FREEZE DRIED OYSTER, SPROUTED GREEN BARLEY, DRIED KELP, GARLIC AND YUCCA SCHIDIGERA EXTRACT.Corn Fermentation Solubles, Norwegian Kelp, Fish Oil, Biotin, Vitamin E (mixed Tocopherols), Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Rosemary Extract and Vegetable Oils.
Net weight 60g

Please note that we do not have the requisite licences to ship this product to Australia at this point in time.

Sold and used at Crufts

stop press- naturvet tear stain remover available

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